OP21 sold to Alex Shlifer (Asst Concertmaster - Greenville Symphony, and on trial loan to Maria Potapov (Asheville Symphony)

OP22 sold to Lilly Epley of Hickory, NC

OP23  AVAILABLE previous sold to Alex Shlifer, treaded back for OP24.

OP24 sold to Alex Shlifer, Asst Concertmaster - Greenville Symphony

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Tel: +1.8286750449

201 Riverlinks Drive Burnsville NC 28714 us

2284          9/30/16.

David's recent instruments are now being played by professional musicians in Western North Carolina.  Most recently, one of David's instruments is being played by the Assistant Concert-Master of the Greenville Symphony.

Since its founding in 2011 David has been President of the Southern Violin Association, an organization whose goal is to promote American violin family instrument makers in the Southeastern USA from Kansas east and south.

David has been a member of the Violin Society of America since 2010, an international organization devoted to promoting violin-family instrument makers around the world.  David lives near Asheville, North Carolina.

David Chandler Violin violins north carolina burnsville stradivari stradavari guarnerius guarneri traditional David Chandler makes violins in the mountains of North Carolina. He uses traditional Stradavari and Guarnari designs, and makes them from scratch. Near Asheville, NC.