SOLD TO:   Sharon Lawrence of Forest City, NC, Artistic Director of both Celticwynd and Rutherfordton Chamber Consort. 

Since my posting in February, OP 21 has been completed.  I need to add photos, but you can see it and hear it played by clicking on the youtube link to the below.

February 6, 2015.   I've got wood!!  Today I received wood from Romania (back, neck, rib woods).  Photo shows all the major pieces to become my next 2 fiddles, based on Strad's ms6 mold (same as Messiah and several other great fiddles).

February 1, 2015.  Update on Opus 20 --  I'm sitting in my "camper" in South Texas where I spend my winter months.   I just finished a violin that, for the first time, uses burnt brown sugar used as a stain to enhance the mediary rays on the back and ribs.  It worked great.    I have back and rib wood on order from the Carpathian Alps, and just received a couple new top pieces from Simeon Chambers in Colorado.  When the wood arrives, I'll start building another couple violins on the 1716 Messiah mold.  Below is a picture of this Opus 20 back.

David Chandler Violin violins north carolina burnsville stradivari stradavari guarnerius guarneri traditional David Chandler makes violins in the mountains of North Carolina. He uses traditional Stradavari and Guarnari designs, and makes them from scratch. Near Asheville, NC.