VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO SERVICES (the following are estimates only and may not apply to your particular situation),       LARGER INSTRUMENTS MAY HAVE ADDITIONAL LABOR INVOLVED.

  • ​soundpost reset   no charge
  • new soundpost cut and placed  $25
  • new bridge custom fitted and tuned  $15-30
  • glue and close open seams (requires overnight setting)  est $15 per seam
  • reset neck angle est $50 
  • remove top or back minimum $35
  • regraduate top and back est $150
  • basic labor charge $40.00 per hour
  • refarnishing, refinishing, restorations, just ask.

BOW SERVICES  refinishing, refurbishing, restorations

  • ​rehair (I use white, unbleached Siberian horsehair, anything else will require additional cost.    $45 in most cases
  • replace slide (choices include abalone or pearl, and must be custom fitted)  $35
  • sterling silver wire wrap $25 per inch of wrap
  • leather wrap $10
  • breaks -- ask for estimate @ $40 per hour
David Chandler Violin violins north carolina burnsville stradivari stradavari guarnerius guarneri traditional David Chandler makes violins in the mountains of North Carolina. He uses traditional Stradavari and Guarnari designs, and makes them from scratch. Near Asheville, NC.