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ROMAN KIM - VIOLIN VIRTUOSO PLAYING TWO OF DAVID'S VIOLINS.  Click on image to right to listen, check out his final comment at the end of the video!

Alex Shlifer, Assistant Concert Master, Greenville Symphony

           "What is interesting that David' s violins I tried offer very interesting personality , never the same, while possessing great projection and smoothness even without a break in period . So every time I put away my Gofriller and Amati and switch to David' s Guarneri it takes me to a journey which gets more exciting as I continue.   Also he is an excellent Luthier who I trust my old Italians. "

Shanda Epley (for her daughter Lilly) --

          "She loves the violin you made-  We brought home three violins from Blue Ridge Violins -my parents, daughter and Russ all vote in Blind trial yours had best sound quality and then they liked the look the best too."

David Chandler Violin violins north carolina burnsville stradivari stradavari guarnerius guarneri traditional David Chandler makes violins in the mountains of North Carolina. He uses traditional Stradavari and Guarnari designs, and makes them from scratch. Near Asheville, NC.